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Deadlines are a part of every accountant’s job. There are tax filing deadlines, quarterly and annual financial report deadlines and some deadlines imposed by your boss or client who need financial information by a set time.

Meeting these deadlines is a key ingredient in showing your credibility and efficiency.

But before we discuss the tips to hitting deadlines easily;

Here are 3 important reasons why you should meet deadlines easily especially as an accountant.

  1. Customers’ Expectations

The information required by the client is also for use by them and delaying would automatically mean they have to delay in their decision making or disappoint their own clients. While the effect might be mild for you, it might be quite disastrous for them.

  • Enhances Productivity

Meeting deadlines means you do not have to spend extra hours on a project when those hours could be spent completing another project. When deadlines are met, you are able to do more accumulated projects. This means profit and good will for you and your firm.

  • Customer Loyalty

A loyal customer is the bedrock of every business. Meeting customers’ deadline is a sure way to having them remain loyal. Failing on deadlines multiple times means incompetence and this would affect your gross profit and good will.

Generally, Deadlines aren’t bad. They organize your time and help you set priorities. They also keep you going when you might not feel like it. Meeting deadlines successfully is a big motivating factor out there.

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7 Pro Tips on How to Meet Deadlines Efficiently

Negotiate. It is better done now that later. Is the deadline realistic? Suggest alternative dates, or work out what other tasks you should put on hold in order to give the deadline the attention it deserves.

Prioritize your projects by deadline and factor in how important each project is. Review every deadline you need to meet. Record your deadlines on a digital calendar or spreadsheet.

Scale it. Complete the high priority projects and tasks that you can finish quickly before you begin more complicated projects and tasks that will take more time.

Choose. Work on more important project when choosing between two urgent projects. It can be difficult to decide which project is more important, though there are ways to tilt the balance. If you are really stuck in a bind, ask a colleague to help out with the promise that you will return the favor at another time.

Attention. Give your projects with tight deadlines as much of your undivided attention as possible. Let your phone go to voicemail unless the person on the other line is directly tied to your project. Do not allow unscheduled walk-in visitors. Tell anyone asking for your time who is not a higher priority than your project that you are on deadline. To keep your unscheduled visitors from becoming anxious, let them know when you will get back to them and note it on your calendar.

Ask your boss or co-workers for help if you do not believe you can meet the deadline on your own. Explain to your boss what the project involves and why you cannot meet the deadline alone. If your boss cannot get you help, ask for more time. Tell your boss how much of the project you will be able to complete by the deadline, how much additional time you need to complete it, and what you will do during that additional time.

Be early. Arrive to work early, work through lunch and continue working after normal business hours, if necessary, to complete the project by the deadline.

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